The Writer’s Remarks

writers remarks

The Writer’s Remarks

I pitch my tent in the land of hope.

If you know me, you might know how hard the last 4 years have been. Several battles fought and won, lost or not even worth the fight. I think the best thing about this is not just the wisdom and resilience gained, but that I wasn’t (am not) alone.

We can all relate on some level to pain and love; they’re universal. This is comforting, and has endlessly provided me hope through those close to me.

Over the last few years, I’ve felt a lot of things. Pitiful, helpless, overwhelmed. Loved, empowered, in control. I was challenged to adjust and grow (especially when I didn’t want to). Now, as I’m leaving my home of the last 20 years, I’m granting the good memories access to long term stay and shedding the most recent layers of darkness.

I’m trading the past for the present, and thus, different challenges. As a writer, I’m sharing those challenges with you.

I love to play the the guitar, sing, read (mostly Harry Potter), lay around with my cats, watch The Office (and Harry Potter), and hold hands with my favorite person (who also loves Harry Potter). All of these things will influence the future of this blog.

Literature / Writing

I’ll challenge myself to read more, share my thoughts on those reads, and (good Lord willin’) share interviews I conduct with authors. Not to mention,  my own fiction, poetry and random creative quotes/thoughts that escape my subconscious. Lol. I also love psychology and have too many friends in the field not to talk about it. So there will be that too.

My creative writing may not always be happy or uplifting, but it’s only because art isn’t always so! Again, the relatable pain and love thing.


I look forward to sharing my music with you, whether it’s original or cover, through my “Stairwell Sessions” (i.e. exactly how it sounds: singing/guitar sessions in a stairwell).

I learned to play guitar in the stairwell of my freshman dorm, so I thought the idea was perfect. Continuing the tradition.

I also plan to share interviews I conduct with various musicians (well known and lesser known). Again, good Lord willin’.  

News / Events / Culture / Biz

DFW is full of fascinating businesses, boutiques, startups and nonprofits. Good things are happening in the community all the time, and I’d like to focus on that. With the help of those around me, including you, I want to spread hope and shed light on fun, happy things impacting the world.


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